BLITZ Weight Loss Program


Lose Weight. Get in Shape.

Inspire NutritionThis intense 2-month program will help you quickly develop momentum to meet your weight and fitness goals. The BLITZ is a personalized nutrition program, designed by a registered and licensed dietitian. The program includes a weekly consultation with your personal nutritionist and guided work outs from Buck’s County’s BEST personal trainers located at Wrightstown Health & Fitness. You will develop a relationship with your nutrition coach as well as your personal trainer — two important people to have on your team when aiming for permanent success. If it’s time to make a change in your health and fitness, enroll here now or call 215-598-7750 for more information.

Most Insurance are accepted for the Nutrition portion of The BLITZ. Call 215-598-7750215-598-7750 to verify your insurance.

BLITZ Program Includes:

  • TWO personal training sessions per week (total of 16 per program)
  • NINE, weekly nutrition support sessions with focus on nutrition education, behavioral strategies – to keep weight off permanently – and several forms of accountability. You will receive tools and resources to help support you throughout the program and beyond
  • Weekly supply of UltraMeal, a “medical food” proven to help balance blood glucose levels and assist with an altered body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio), to be used once a day in conjunction with a healthy diet.
  • Unlimited access throughout the BLITZ Program to cardio equipment.

Start the new year off right! Join our Winter BLITZ starting Wednesday, January 17th, at Wrightstown Health & Fitness.

We do offer a one-on-one Blitz program if group scheduling does not work for you. For questions and enrollment in the BLITZ Health & Fitness Program call 215-598-7750215-598-7750