BLITZ Weight Loss Program

Take back your health with The BLITZ Nutrition and Exercise Program!

The BLITZ is a personalized nutrition and fitness program designed by our Registered Dietitian and certified trainers at Wrightstown Health & Fitness (WHF).

This powerhouse combo of Nutrition and Movement will transform the way you look at food and exercise. It will help you reach your goals without feeling deprived or getting injured from improper movement.

You will learn to be at peace with food, ward off disease, gain energy, reduce cravings, decrease body fat, increase muscle, reduce stress and improve your sleep cycle. All components of healthy living will be addressed in this 8-week program.

If you are looking for weight loss through healthy eating tips & tricks, how to keep off weight long-term, and have accountability for behaviors you may be struggling with, then register today by calling 267-217-1330.

Shot of a man working out with the help of his coach at the gym

Inspire Nutrition has changed my life! When I joined the BLITZ program after recovering from knee surgery, I hoped for the best, but the results surpassed my wildest dreams. Inspire Nutrition taught me about the science behind burning fat and coached me through the program from the beginning to end. I gained the skills needed to lose 70 pounds and maintain the weight loss. I’m healthier, stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been thanks to the BLITZ program!

- Dawn P.

Program Includes:

Weekly Nutritional education & accountability class

Structured eating plan with sample meal menus to follow.

TWO personal training sessions per week (total of 16 per program)

NINE weekly nutrition support sessions with focus on nutrition education and behavior modification techniques, behavioral strategies. You will receive tools and resources to help support you throughout the program and beyond

Weekly supply of Metagenics Ultra Glucose Control shake - a "medical food" proven to help balance blood glucose levels and assist with an altered body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio), to be used once a day in conjunction with a healthy diet.

Unlimited access throughout the BLITZ Program to cardio equipment.

The key to finally taking weight off and keeping it off for life!

2 options

Option 1: Group In-Person BLITZ Program

Meets weekly at our Wrightstown location for accountability and nutrition education sessions. Two weekly training sessions are scheduled directly with WHF. The group program is offered quarterly. Call 267-217-1330 today to register for the next program.

Option 2: One-on-One BLITZ program

Cannot make it to our Group BLITZ Program?
Get the same BLITZ program benefits from in-person or virtual one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions. Start today by calling 267-217-1330.

Insurance Coverage and Fees

Nutrition Education: Inspire Nutrition will verify your insurance benefits and let you know if there is any out-of-pocket cost.

Training Sessions with WHF: Discounted training fees for 16 workouts (2x/week) with a personal trainer - $464.

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