BLITZ Weight Loss Program


Lose Weight. Get in Shape.

Inspire NutritionThis intense 2-month weight loss program will help you quickly develop momentum to meet your weight and fitness goals. The BLITZ is a personalized nutrition and weight loss program, designed by a registered and licensed dietitian. The program includes a weekly consultation with your personal nutritionist and guided work outs from Buck’s County’s BEST personal trainers located at Wrightstown Health & Fitness. You will develop a relationship with your nutrition coach as well as your personal trainer — two important people to have on your team when aiming for permanent success. If it’s time to make a change in your health and fitness, enroll here now or call 215-598-7750 for more information.

Most Insurance are accepted for the Nutrition portion of The BLITZ. Call 215-598-7750215-598-7750 to verify your insurance.

BLITZ Weight Loss Program Includes:

  • TWO personal training sessions per week (total of 16 per program)
  • NINE, weekly nutrition support sessions with focus on nutrition education, behavioral strategies – to keep weight off permanently – and several forms of accountability. You will receive tools and resources to help support you throughout the program and beyond
  • Weekly supply of UltraMeal, a “medical food” proven to help balance blood glucose levels and assist with an altered body composition (muscle-to-fat ratio), to be used once a day in conjunction with a healthy diet.
  • Unlimited access throughout the BLITZ Program to cardio equipment.

Time to lose the COVID Weight and Get in Shape with our Fall BLITZ starting virtually Wednesday, September 30th.

We do offer a one-on-one Blitz program if group scheduling does not work for you. For questions and enrollment in the BLITZ Health & Fitness Program call 215-598-7750215-598-7750