Corporate Nutrition Programs

Virtual or On-Site Corporate Nutrition Programs

Healthy and happy employees equals higher productivity. In fact, recent studies show that a $1 spent on nutrition education and counseling can equal $4 in savings. Nutrition counseling offers a convenient and highly effective benefit for employees. This service is often the missing link in many corporate wellness programs, even though 85% of human beings’ health is what they put in their mouths. Nutrition education is our specialty. Our employee programs meet your employees where they are and help them make healthy lifestyle changes. We teach them behavior modification techniques and how to eat healthy with real food.

We Bill Insurance For Your Staff

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Whole Body Health Nutrition Program

A 8-12 Week Behavior Modification Weight Loss Program

Proven successful for over a decade! Perfect program for taking off Covid-19 quarantine weight! Developed by respected dietitian, Kristen Zetterberg, this program helps employees understand the science behind eating to lose weight and why the proper combinations/ amounts of macronutrients lead to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for life.

Whole Body Health includes:

RENPHO Smart Body Composition Scale

Weekly nutrition education and accountability

Structured eating plan with sample menus to follow

Behavior modification techniques

Guidance on achieving physical and mental wellness through balanced nutrition and exercise

The keys to finally taking weight off and keeping it off for life!

1:1 Nutrition Counseling Sessions

Initial Consultation (60 to 90 minutes): In-depth assessment of employees nutritional and medical health with a personalized plan and guidelines tailored to their goals and need for accountability and education. Best option for clinical cases.

Follow-Up Sessions (30 to 60 minutes): Continued education on nutrition and wellness topics, accountability and tactic— depending on needs and goals. Employees learn to improve energy levels, manage stress, improve athletic performance, create a positive and loving relationship with their body, and establish a peaceful relationship with food.

The BLITZ Nutrition & Exercise Program

Life changing! The BLITZ is an intense 8-Week program created to help employees quickly develop the momentum needed to meet their weight loss, fitness and health goals. This program is drug-free and includes weekly nutrition counseling sessions and two virtual or in-person guided workouts with Bucks County’s BEST personal trainers at Wrightstown Health & Fitness. Over the past 12 years, The BLITZ has helped people lose thousands of pounds and improve their health!

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