Metabolic Health with InBody 570

Go Beyond the Scale and Know Your Metabolic Health and Body Composition with the InBody 570™

Take just 60, pain-free seconds, to learn what your body is made up of.

Knowing your metabolic health and body composition with the InBody 570™ helps you see changes beyond the number on your scale — because being healthy is about so much more than just your weight.

It’s quick and easy. You simply stand on the platform, grab the handles, and in 60 seconds the InBody accurately calculates your weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and more. You get your results immediately and can choose to review the results with one of our Inspire Nutrition Registered Dietitians or just take your printout with you.

Inspire Nutrition

The InBody 570™

So, how does the InBody 570™ work? It is a state of the art machine that uses bioelectrical impedance (BIA) to measure segmental fat and muscle. BIA works by sending a low-level electrical current through the body. As the current travels through the body it experiences resistance (impedance) which is used to estimate the percentage of fat and muscle within the body. It also divides total body water into intracellular/extracellular water – values important for understanding your fluid distribution in medical, wellness, or fitness contexts – i.e., inflammation.

Test Preparation

Prior to your InBody test: Be well hydrated before the test and do not….

Eat within 3 hours of your test. Therefore, you should be fasting for 3 hours prior to testing
Consume alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours prior to testing
Use the shower or sauna prior to testing
Use lotion/ointment on hands or feet
Do not exercise 4 hours before testing

Following the above protocol will ensure you receive the most accurate results! Please Note: If you are due or are within the first few days of your menstrual cycle, do not schedule during this time.

You may experience skewed results due to the following: menstrual cycle, breast implants, and/or metal implants. In addition, the InBody is not recommended without first checking with your medical provider if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.

After your InBody scan, your dietitian can break down and interpret your results. Based on your results, you and our dietitian can devise a plan focused toward improving your health and wellness.

Scheduling / Pricing

All testing options below provide a customized result print out for your records. In addition, the InBody will store your results for future testing comparisons.

Inspire Nutrition Clients:

Active clients initial InBody 570™ test and analysis are complimentary

InBody test with professional analysis and counseling session: $55

InBody 570 test only: $25

Package of Four InBody Only Scans: $90

Non-Inspire Nutrition Clients:

InBody 570™ test with professional analysis and counseling session: $55

InBody 570 test only: $40

Package of Four InBody Only: $145

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