Kristen Zetterberg RDN, LDN


Kristen uses her passion to help inspire, educate and guide clients toward their most optimal health. She takes a functional and clinical approach toward nutrition therapy by first evaluating her clients. She dives deep in assessing all components of wellness such as; sleep, hygiene, stress management, movement, food and nutrition beliefs.

As an empathetic, understanding and passionate Registered Licensed Dietitian, Kristen has provided Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) for two decades. Her passion for helping others evolved from her experience at a young age. The youngest of three girls, Kristen watched most of her family cope with weight-related physical and mental issues. She observed the connection between food and emotion. This ignited her curiosity about food and its effect on the body. This also enabled her to build her life around health and wellness from a preventative standpoint.

Kristen develops a functional, sustainable and flexible plan for the individuals she works with. She focuses on using MNT skills, paired with targeted behavioral change strategies to meet the needs of each client. Her non-judgmental approach also helps clients feel comfortable and safe during this journey. Kristen truly holds their hand along the way!

Kristen erases the confusion around what to eat and explains the why behind each recommendation, so the client truly understands their eating behaviors. She helps debunk common food and nutrition myths by replacing them with science-backed data and research.

Kristen earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, with a minor in Health Sciences from West Chester University. She then completed an internship through the University of Delaware and earned Master’s credits.

Over the years, she has worked closely with many local physicians and specialists, was an adjunct professor at a local community college, and has been quoted in several local newspapers. In addition, she was featured many times as an expert guest on WWDB’s 860AM radio program “The Medical View.”

As the founder of Inspire Nutrition, she established this thriving private practice in 2006. With additional dietitians and nutritionists on her team, she can proudly say, “we help and inspire hundreds of individuals each year to adopt a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle to ward off chronic disease and make peace with their bodies and food. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of nutrition as preventative and healing medicine.”

Kristen is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), Pennsylvania Dietetic Association, Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group, and Weight Management Practice Group. She also holds a certificate in training in Adult Weight Management and Intuitive Eating.

Kristen enjoys cooking, working out, laughing, and spending time with her husband and two boys.

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